With a centered layout it can be hard to have full with elements without a hassle.

In this post will I show you a neat trick to get full width sections in a layout that are centered. If you just want the demo check out this CodePen.

The snippet should work in Internet Explorer 9 and up and the other major browsers.

.full {
left: calc((100% - 100vw)/2);
position: relative;
width: 100vw;
min-height: 1px;

// Optional (center padding both sides):
padding-left: calc((100vw - 100%)/2);
padding-right: calc((100vw - 100%)/2);

{: .language-scss}

The how

The vw unit is the width of the viewport. 100vw is the width of your browser window, 50vw is half.

The left property is where the magic happens:

calc((100% - 100vw)/2)
  • 100% is the full width of the element.
  • 100vw is the width of the screen.
  • So a screen that is 1200 pixels wide and a element that is 700px wide gives this equation: (700px - 1200px) / 2.
  • The result of this is -250, so we move the element 250 pixels to the left.
  • Then we set the width of the element to the full with of the viewport.

Extra options

To center the content inside the full width element we add padding to both sides by flipping the calc function:

padding-left: calc((100vw - 100%) / 2);

I have created a simple demo on CodePen you can explore, with examples for right and left padding only.

See the Pen CSS Calc examples by andeersg (@andeersg) on CodePen.