Anders Grendstadbakk

Hello Hugo

I have decided to convert my Jekyll blog to Hugo.

I don’t have any particular reason apart from trying something new. I first read about Hugo from Sara Soueidan’s excellent blog post about switching from Jekyll to Hugo. This blog post also became my goto guide for understanding Hugo, the official docs are not the best.

First impressions

Hugo is fast! The live reload works faster than my switch between spaces. Which templates, variables and items are used where can be quite confusing.


There is a lot of themes available for Hugo, and it’s very easy to switch between them. In Hugo you can have multiple themes in a folder, and just define in config which one to use (a huge improvement from Jekyll).

Does it make everything better?

Probably not. If you are happy with Jekyll I don’t think you would get much from switching. But Hugo looks nice, and is quite easy to work with. So I would also recommend it.