When you use the tableselect element there may be reasons you want to make a row not selectable:

  • Permissions
  • Missing properties on the element
  • Or any other reason to not make a row selectable

I had to do this recently and thought it should be a easy thing to do, since all form elements seems to support the #disabled property.

A tableselect element looks something like this:

$form['table'] = [
'#type' => 'tableselect',
'#multiple' => FALSE,
'#header' => [
'name' => 'Name',
'age' => 'Age',
'#options' => $options,
'#empty' => 'No items available',

And then each entry (in $options) would look like:

$options['anders'] = [ // knowing the key is important for disabling.
'name' => [
'#markup' => 'Anders',
'age' => [
'#markup' => 30,

You would think the way to disable a row is to just add '#disabled' => TRUE; to the option entry, but no, nothing happens.

To actually disable a row you would need to target the same key outside the #options array. Like this:

$form['table']['anders']['#disabled'] = TRUE; // Added directly to tableselect element.

In my opinion this is quite confusing.