Another year has passed, for me it's been a year of parental leave and Drupal. With a kid there hasn't been that much time for hobby projects, but I have learned a lot and expanded my knowledge of Drupal

Some stuff that happened:

  • Started the year with parental leave 👏
  • Started on a Unity course (refreshing to try something new and different)
  • Had a nice summer vacation hiking in the mountains
  • Amalie started kindergarten 😊
  • Held a presentation about Drupal in an internal work conference 😃
  • Wrote only two blog posts 😕

Plans for the next year

When christmas comes I always get motivated to work on this website. I haven't gotten to it yet, but some things I want do is:

  • Update the styling (get better at design tokens, font scales and such)
  • Set up NetlifyCMS or something similar to separate blogging and coding
  • Blog more (always a goal)
  • Improve the design (never get satisfied am I right?)

Workwise I want to continue working with Drupal, expand my knowledge and test out different ways of using it. I have also decided that I want to learn Typescript and figure out why everybody is talking about it.

The most important thing for the next year is to have a healthy work/life balance.