2022 has come to an end. It feels like the year went by in a blink. My daughter turned two at the start of the year, work has had exiting challenges. This website though, has been left untouched.


I've spent a lot of time this year making Drupal run in Kubernetes, since our hosting provider wanted to move us to the "cloud". It's been a steep learning curve and kind of outsite of what I usually do, but a fun experience nonetheless.

My colleagues and I went to Prague for Drupal Con Europe in october, which was my first conference since 2019.

I've also worked with e-commerce in Drupal and made som cli tools with Node.js.

Personal life

My daughter turned 2 years in January and is a big part of the non-work time. It's so exciting to see her grow and learn new things. I've been able to read a few books which is nice.

I startet jogging in November, doing a run or two per week. Feels good to be active so that's something I would like to continue doing.

Other stuff

My website has not been the most active place this year, I haven't had the time/motivation to neither write or work on it. And that has been ok. With a full time job and a family side projects has not been a priority.

With all the crazyness going on at Twitter I made the move to Mastodon in November. After the initial finding-a-nice-server struggle the experience so far has been really nice. I like my social media non-algorithmic. On twitter I always was quite passive, but on Mastodon I feel more motivated to actually participate and share stuff.

I ended the year closing 3 windows and loads of tabs on my computer, subscribing to RSS feeds where possible. Removing clutter feels really good and makes it easier to focus.

Plans for 2023

I hope to make a habit of jogging and becoming more active. Keep doing non-web activites with my family and keep a good work-life balance.

Not doing so much side-stuff and starting to use Mastodon has given me some motivation to write more and make this website my home on the internet. Another thing I want to do is to find a better way of writing and managing content. Right now I have drafts in notion and do my formatting/publishing in VS Code. I'm considering using some kind of CMS as a backend and keep my site static. But time will show.

To summarize my plans:

  • 10 blog posts this year (at least more than 2022)
  • Update this website
  • Continue jogging