In the past all my redesigns have been a process of working hard for a while on a redesign, getting tired, and publishing it. Then I would not do anything about it until the urge for a redesign appeared again.

This is not a good approach I think, the process should be more continuous. A nice thing about websites is that it's easy to make adjustments. So this time my plan is to make it a longer process with iterations and adjustments from time to time.

I'm hoping this will make everything more motivating to me and let my website evolve into something I really like.

After all it is a personal website and not some super important website built for a client. Personal websites should be a place to show who you are, experiment with technologies and do whatever you want.

I hope to release the beginning of my redesign very soon, and then make adjustments and improve it from time to time.

So to quote Ted (yeah, I like How I Met Your Mother): "Make, Adjustments, Go, Get, It, Energized"

Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother writing Maggie on a blackboard