Last week I attended Trondheim Developer Conference #tdconf in Trondheim. It was the first conference I have attended and I must say it was fun and inspiring. I really liked going, and it was a nice way to learn new stuff and see interesting people you usually only see on Twitter.

The conference consisted of 5 venues with 8 talks on each during the day plus three talks for everyone. It was a long day with lots of talks, and here are some of my favorites.

The better parts

Douglas Crockford talked about the better parts of javascript and the new stuff in ECMAScript6.

Managing CSS Projects with ITCSS

Harry Roberts held the first talk about his new approach for managing CSS projects, ITCSS. To optimize CSS you should structure it in a way where low specificity comes first. Harry has written more about that in his article The Specificity Graph.

How HTML5 missed its graduation day

Christian Heilmann talked about HTML5 and that we should not be afraid to use it. People with old browsers who don’t support new features does not expect to get fancy awesome features and we should not try to create the same experience for everybody.

Designing with Sensors: Creating Adaptive Experiences

Avi Itzkovitch talked about designing apps and user interfaces that uses sensors and data to adapt its behavior to the users needs. It was a very interesting talk about how we can use the data we have about the user to create a better experience.

SVG is for everyone

Chris Coyier talked about SVG, and it was one of the talks i was looking forward to upfront. SVG has a lot of advantages over icon fonts and regular images and i really look forward to try it on a project soon.

Hacking the Creative Brain

Denise Jacobs talked about how developers are creative and how to trigger the creative parts of the brain.

I had a good time and i look forward to next year, i also hope i get to go to some other conferences in the future as well.