WordPress SEO and relative links

I really like WordPress SEO, it’s a nice plugin that does everything I need for SEO. But for long I have had a problem with the sitemap feature. My posts did not show up in the post-sitemap. I did not look into it anymore until today, when I looked through webmaster tools and figured I… Read Article

New tools are not scary

Being a developer is not the same as it was a couple of years ago. It was HTML, CSS and JS you had to cope with. These days it’s completely different. Every day there are new tools and technologies coming out that can help and improve our workflows. New stuff can often look scary and… Read Article


currentColor is a quite unknown CSS value with good browser support, and i thought i should check it out and see if i could use it for something useful. It’s supported in all major browsers according to caniuse.com, except Internet Explorer 8 (of course). Example usage: .element { color: #e6e6e6; border: 1px solid currentColor; /*… Read Article

Writing CSS with ITCSS

Inspired by Harry Roberts’ talk about ITCSS at Trondheim Developer Conference in October, i decided to use it for a redesign/optimization i was going to work on for a client at work. What is ITCSS? ITCSS stands for Inverted Triangle CSS and is a way of structuring your CSS. The inverted triangle means that you… Read Article

When ideas become an obstacle

Everyone has ideas and it’s a good thing we have them. But for me they can sometimes become an obstacle. That’s because i always see stuff i want to improve in the solutions i use and get ideas of things that would be cool to create. So i have figured out that i must suffer… Read Article

Creating a command line tool with Node.js

Command line tools are always useful. They can help you do stuff faster and be more productive. And with Node.js it’s really easy to create them yourself. The easiest command line tool may be something like this: #!/usr/bin/env node console.log(process.argv); The first line tells that it’s Node that should be used for this. The second… Read Article

Trondheim Developer Conference 2014

Last week I attended Trondheim Developer Conference #tdconf in Trondheim. It was the first conference I have attended and I must say it was fun and inspiring. I really liked going, and it was a nice way to learn new stuff and see interesting people you usually only see on Twitter. The conference consisted of… Read Article

Creating patches for Git

Today i had to fix some bugs in a contributed drupal module in a project i’m working on, and to make sure my changes was not lost in a module upgrade i created a patch for them, and here is how i did it. What is a patch? A patch is a single file which… Read Article

Configuring Varnish for WordPress

Varnish is a very effective caching software, it can cache every part of your WordPress site. But when you turn it on you loose some nice features of WordPress. Varnish works by sitting in front of your web server, and giving the visitor a cached version of your page if it has any, and only… Read Article